LSK Modeling and Events

LSK Modeling and Events is an event planning and talent booking agency in Syracuse, New York, that struggles to form a cohesive brand. In order to provide suggestions and solutions to this problem, Slice Communications followed a triangulated research approach by conducting primary qualitative and quantitative research through social listening analyses, online surveys and focus groups.


Slice Communications focused on business owners and Syracuse University’s Visual and Performing Arts students in order to gain further insights on the thoughts and perceptions of the organization and its services, to better understand the conversations among key publics regarding talent, modeling and event planning, as well as to understand the media habits of key publics. 


From the research results, Slice Communications suggests developing a website to clearly display LSK Modeling and Events’ services, as well as increasing social media postings across all platforms. 


Breyers is an ice cream brand with a primary goal to “pioneer goodness for all.” Breyers ice cream lacks brand differentiation. It is overlooked in a saturated market due to its ambiguous positioning, weak social media engagement, unclear brand image, and lack

of emphasis on quality ingredients. Our target audience, defined as working moms with children under the age of 18 in the household, struggles to find the best brand to fit their taste and family needs. This struggle presents a lack of brand loyalty and is the reason why consumers are not dedicated to Breyers.

Our team followed a triangulated research approach by conducting primary and secondary qualitative and quantitative research through social listening analyses, online surveys, one-on-one interviews, and data analytics. This research has led us to the insight that working mothers feel guilty about not spending enough time with their children. Working mothers are also being bashed by society online for not being perfect mothers.

Our goal is to empower working mothers and give them recognition for what they do by supporting and encouraging their efforts to leverage the brand’s role as “pioneering goodness for all” through TV brand partnerships, social media, and video billboards.

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