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REmemory: Ogilvy PR Does It Again

Remember that time Oglivy PR found a connection between fashion and dementia? This is what I like to call #BorderlessCreativity.

Photo by PRWeek

In the 2022 PRWeek Awards Asia, Ogilvy PR won the Grand Prix as Campaign of the Year for the fourth time in a row.

The Campaign: REmemory

The agency found that the youth in Taiwan lack paramount awareness of dementia, so Ogilvy wanted to create a conversation with the targeted audience.

“A viral phenomenon that recently took place in Taiwan where a third-generation owner of a dry cleaner mixed and matched clothes left behind in his shop, creating fashionable retro outfits for his grandparents” - Surekha Ragavan

The Point: Forgotten Clothes

The owner recreated the forgotten clothes left at his shop. This campaign’s success includes three significant takeaways:

1. “Forgetting” things is not a bad thing (Look at what the dry cleaner did!)

2. “Forgetting” has been conceptualized with creativity: “age and disease are no barriers….”

3. Retro fashion is back.

The Execution: Fashion and Dementia

The execution: the brand created an online store featuring the “forgotten clothes.” Each sale has been packaged into a branded box with a unique story of someone with dementia. The delivered package also included access to education about the disease to make it easier for the youth.

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