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How to Promote Your Fashion PR Agency in 7 Steps

Updated: Feb 21, 2018

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Living an agency life is like swimming in a fast and ever-changing pool of opportunity, creativity, and passion. PR professionals create and develop unconventional ideas to see them come to fruition on a daily basis.

One minute #fashionPR professionals find themselves brainstorming ideas for their clients and the next they’ll be pitching ideas to Vogue and Elle about their client’s new collection.

The industry is filled with professionals, but are you taking the time and effort to market your own brand? Promoting your agency requires developing a thought-out and spot-on process, using the proper resources, and, in the words of Barry White, “practice what you preach.”

Thinking about promoting yourself as well as your clients may be overwhelming, but following these 7 steps will help you promote your agency:

First Things First, Create an Identity

A brand identity is not merely a logo or a style guide. Your identity is what makes your agency different from others and influences your clients' experiences at every point. Creating a practical identity affects how people view everything, from your industry to your reliability.

Lisa Gansky, the author of the best-selling book "The Mesh: Why the Future Business is Sharing" and an entrepreneur, summarizes the importance of identity in one sentence:

"A brand is a voice and a product is a souvenir."

For your brand identity to become a voice, you have to create a distinct, memorable, and a cohesive image. In other words, leave an impact. Let your identity summarize how your brand feels and speaks to clients and other businesses.

Understand Your Objectives, Strategies, and Tactics

If you have previously created goals, objectives, strategies, and tactics for your client, then now is an excellent opportunity to #practicewhatyoupreach. Start with your audience and ask yourself who, why, and how?

I know you're excited to get creative, but slow down. Once you identify your target audience, you can strategically define your goals and outline how to achieve them. After setting your goals, you should outline strategies, choose tactics, and get creative.

Watch Rich Horwath, known as "the world’s foremost expert on strategic thinking,” discuss the differences between objectives, goals, strategies, and tactics, as well as how to achieve them:

Reach, Outreach, and Reach out. Do it all!

What's the point of having a PR agency if no one knows about it? Okay, just kidding. Of course, an agency is important or else you wouldn't create one. But are you reaching out to the right sources, or are you just reaching out?

Diane Kruger, an actress and former model, said,

"What you wear is such an expression of who you are. That's like someone picking out who I'm going to date!"

Your outreach content should express who you are and what your agency does, and believe me, that will be the best life-changing date of your life. You need to prioritize two main outreach efforts to get your message out there. First, create newsworthy content that is personalized and friendly, and second, connect!

Okay, don't just connect. You have to communicate with the right people. In my last blog, I shared a few tips on how to connect with models and celebrities for your clients. Use the same tips and again, #practicewhatyoupreach. Also, don't underestimate the power of social media; services like HARO and Sourcebottle, and platforms including Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook are simple starting points.

PR 101: How to Pitch Fashion Bloggers published by Cision offers more in-depth tips and tricks.

Apply for Industry Awards

Growth, credibility, buzz, confidence, and leadership. You want it all, right? Applying for industry awards will get you there.

Award submissions can be overwhelming. They are all about intellectual thinking, compelling research, proper resource collection, quick-witted writing, and efficient editing — not to mention the time spent on each of these skills. But the end result is more than just worth it.

PRSA offers some of the most prestigious PR awards. These include Silver Anvil Awards, Bronze Anvil Awards, Individual Awards, and Professional Interest Section Awards.

Watch PRSA 2011 #SilverAnvilAwards Ceremony Highlights

Pitch Your Culture

What you #pitch is essential, especially for your services. But how are you going to differentiate yourself from other agencies and competitors? How and why you pitch your ideas highlights your uniqueness.

Your agency's culture is unique, no other agency has the same one. Honestly, your culture is the way to boast about your services. How you and your team create, produce, and interact defines your culture, and it is truly everything.

When you pitch your ideas, make sure to emphasize your agency's culture, which includes personalized beliefs, values, assumptions, and most importantly, a unique personality.

Develop a Social Media Footprint

Okay, seriously. Let's take a step back.

"It took thirty-eight years before 50 million people gained access to radios. It took television thirteen years to earn an audience that size. It took Instagram a year and a half," — Gary Vaynerchuck

In his book, Jab Jab Jab, Right Hook, Vaynerchuck highlights the importance of social media and how to "Storytell on Facebook," "Listen Well on Twitter," "Glam It Up on Pinterest," "Create Art on Instagram," and "Get Animated on Tumblr." This pretty much summarizes what social media is.

Your social media footprint basically screams who you are, because it's everything you have ever left behind online — tweets, comments, likes, posts, etc. Did you every scroll through your Facebook news feed and see an ad featuring the same exact shirt you were looking at from Urban Outfitters? Well, I kid you not, the web is listening and spying every time you use it. Cleaning up your previous footprint and defining your future one is essential.

Watch Claire Madden on The Today Show talk more about why you should define your #socialmediafootprint

Keep up!

Keep up or get out! The fashion public relations industry is a fast-growing and ever-changing one. In my last blog post, I explain why keeping up with the latest trends is necessary. Other than increasing attention to your clients' brands, keeping up-to-date with changes in the industry allows you to stay on top of your game.

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