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How to Keep Up With the Fashion PR Industry

Updated: Mar 23, 2018

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Take a good look at the image above, because that's exactly what it feels like to keep up with the #fashionPR industry. Impossible.

Whether you are a #PR student, practitioner, or a human that's interested in public relations, you're probably busy and don't have time to pay attention to small details. At the same time, however, your career life is going to fall apart if you do not keep up with minor changes (maybe even predict them!)

The #fashionpublicrelations industry is fast-paced, which means that the field is continually shifting. In one of my blog posts, I briefly talked about the importance of keeping up with the latest media trends. Staying up to do date in a fast-changing world is not all that easy, but keeping these small tips in mind will help you stay on the ball with industry challenges, trends, and opportunities.

Your Headline is Your Story

Did you know that humans have an attention span of eight seconds? That's one second less than that of a goldfish; probably because of the evolution of technology and social media. Recent studies show that more than 60 percent of people learn the news through social media, but that doesn't mean that they are going to read everything in the news.

Did you ever find yourself scrolling through your #newsfeed and skipping over headlines? Well, you're not the only one. People in the industry nowadays do not have time to read everything, so they would like to get the gist through headlines.

Marina Barayeva from HubSpot offers a few tips on how to create better headlines.

Subscribe to Daily or Weekly fashion PR Newsletters

I'm someone who skips over almost all subscription emails every morning, except for the ones related to fashion PR, because I'm very much interested. If you're someone who ignores #newsletters from a category you think you're interested in, then you are probably not that interested.

Some of my favorite fashion PR newsletters (and other PR ones) come from PRCouture, StarWorks Group, Moderne Press, Pierce Mattie, The ABA Agency, Top Tier Media, My Beauty Bunny, SHIFT Communications and, Ragan Communications

Subscribe to my blog to learn more about these blogs later!

Leverage Twitter

"Twitter would like to send you push notifications. Notifications may include alerts, sounds, and icon badges. These can be configured in settings." YES, Please!

You don't have to be on Twitter to keep up, just keep in mind that this particular social media platform will always have your back. Okay, I know that the limited number of characters on Twitter is a pain, but you have to admit, those short posts are a fast way to get caught up on the latest news, see what's trending, and stay connected with all kinds of experts.

Also, Twitter helps you build professional but personal relationships with others. My favorite fashion PR experts on Twitter are Crosby Noricks of PRCouture and Jennifer Mathews of My Beauty Bunny and Top Tier Media.

Don't believe me? Here are10 facts you didn't know about Twitter that prove my point.

Build Your Reputation

Okay, I get that you don't have time, but building your reputation is the root of all your success. Focusing on what you already have is so much easier than focusing on what you don't. Yes, you have your clients, but you must keep an eye out for opportunities for your personal brand. But how is that going to help me keep up with the latest trends? Trust me, with a strong reputation, the trends will come to you.

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