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How AR Reshaped Advertising: Top Four Examples

Let's disturb your virtual space. That's the definition of augmented reality.

The world is changing in many ways. Augmented Reality, or AR, is reshaping the entire world.

You might think that AR rose in the late 2000s. But, kid you not, AR was actually introduced 50 years ago.

Ivan Sutherland created the first augmented reality system with a stereo see-through head-mounted display (HMD). The HMD was set up to be connected to a head tracker displaying simple graphics.

So, what does AR look like now? Who is using it, and why?

Photo by Mike Baumeister

1. Amazon Sumerian

We all want to apply the latest technology to our businesses. Amazon Sumerian lets you create browser-based AR applications (easily!)

Amazon Sumerian offers tools to run VR, AR, and 3D apps quickly (without specialized programming expertise) on a wide range of platforms. It’s now open to all developers.

2. Facebook's AR Studio

Spark AR lets you create and share AR experiences using Facebook apps and devices.

Netflix used Spark AR for the brand’s first comic book series, FIFA (for 2018 World Cup features), and Nike (which used AR to sell out its stock of the Kyrie 4 ). In 2017, Facebook AR Studio offered its service to everyone.

3. Snapchat

Snapchat has created the next generation of spectacles.

"The first pair of glasses that bring augmented reality to life, redefining how we interact with and overlay computing on the world."

Unfortunately, these spectacles are not for sale. They are for creators who want to push the limits of immersive AR experiences. More than 250 million creators are using Snap's AR. So go ahead, become a creator!

4. Apple

At this point, Apple's mixed reality (AR and VR) together is just a rumor. But, Jeff Pu, Haitong Intl Tech Research Analyst, has announced that Apple's AR glasses will be announced in 2024. Details on this mysterious headset are still unknown, but sources say that it will heavily depend on the iPhone

5. ARCore and Google

ARCore integrates environmental understanding, light estimation, and motion tracking to combine virtual content with real-life. It permits developers to create infinite AR experiences on any platform through Google’s software development kits.

How did AR Reshape the Advertising Industry?

Here are four of my favorite examples:

1. Absolut Truths

Absolut Truths is an interactive campaign created by Absolut Vodka. Absolut Truths come in the form of small cut-out paper cards wrapped around the top of the bottle. Users can download an app through the app store, scanning each card using a unique QR code. Each card conveys an outline of a vodka bottle or a cocktail setup. After scanning, Absolut Truths messages pop up on a user’s device screen in the form of augmented reality.

2. Pepsi's Grand Visual

Pepsi’s Grand Visual aimed to create an interactive digital billboard campaign to share Pepsi’s message of “Live For Now.” The brand used AR to transform a bus shelter display into a window that augmented unusual scenarios as if they were real. People saw a giant laser-shooting robot, a fiery asteroid, and a manhole with tentacles emerging.

3. Sunshine Aquarium Penguins

The Sunshine Aquarium in Tokyo, Japan, has taken location directions to a new level. Research revealed that consumers have trouble finding the Sunshine Aquarium using Google Maps, which has led to a drop in attendance. The brand used augmented reality by creating an app to help visitors locate the aquarium by providing clear directions. The twist: the brand used penguins to lead you to the facility. Sunshine Aquarium reported a 152 percent increase in facility traffic.

4. Hyundai's Accent Sedan

Hyundai took AR to another level. To promote its new Accent Sedan, the brand chose to create a building-sized 3D projection on the side of a building. If this isn’t enough to impress you.

“They suspended an actual car on the face of the building, and had a driver walking down the wall to drive it.”

What's next? We might think that our imaginations are limited by the current-available technology. But, in my opinion, the sky isn't even the limit. Many companies are offering their AR services for the world to use. These four ads should have inspired you to create! You can also read my latest project on AR and get some inspiration. So, go, and make some magic!

Author's Note: This is not a sponsored post. I am expressing my opinions and sharing knowledgable information.

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