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5 Tips for Success in Fashion PR

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The fashion public relations industry is a vast, exciting, and a fast-growing world, but may come with overwhelming working hours and added anxiety and stress. Breaking into the field and understanding what is required to succeed can be tough.

Contrary to popular belief, the fashion industry is not all glamour, especially during #FashionWeek. According to Lori Riviere, “There is a lot of monotonous work in the fashion PR world and you are often behind the scenes watching the glamour happen while you work.”

“It is a hands-on job, working with either a single brand or many brands, small or major, that's learned by doing.”

Being able to take on the role of a public relations professional in the fashion industry is crucial. Here are five tips that help any individual hoping to pursue a career in fashion PR succeed:

Build Powerful Brands for Your Clients

Why is this always such a big deal? Ask yourself, why dress in a business-professional outfit rather than a tracksuit for a job interview? Because you want to create a persona that your employers will favor and leave a memorable first impression. Similarly, your clients’ brands are a customer’s first impression. Failing to build a unique brand undoubtedly fails your client. Thinking about the brand you are publicizing, understanding how to use your skills to narrow the focus of that brand, and learning the small details that make your clients unique are some of the most important jobs of a fashion public relations professional. Always keep in mind that a brand is best recognized under the spotlight.

Connect With Models and Celebrities

The latest fashion trends would not have become trends if they weren’t displayed by people that the public value. I'm not talking only about well-known Victoria's Secret models, but also celebrities.

Gigi Hadid is modeling for Tommy Hilfiger's Spring 2018 Collection for the fourth time, continuing the previous #TommyxGigi efforts. Tommy Hilfiger had recently tweeted,

"We're back in the design studio, making fashion magic ✨watch this space…. #TommyXGigi #TommyNow."

Watch Gigi Hadid behind the scenes in the making of the Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2018 Collection

But how are you going to get a celebrity like Gigi Hadid to model for your client? Attend award shows, red carpet events, and fashion shows that satisfy your clients' needs. Being able to use your communication skills efficiently is critical because you are expected to socialize with some of the most valued people in the industry.

Learn how to Work with Fashion Editors

Being a fashion public relations professional requires you to work with editors of fashion magazines, such as Vogue, Elle, or Esquire. Developing strong relationships with fashion editors is one of the most effective keys to success. Latest fashion news is produced by magazine editors to introduce and advertise a new line, but not all designers are able to make it into major fashion magazines. Consider the competition and think about ways to obtain a competitive advantage. Build media contacts, conduct research before contacting them, think about your story, and maintain a pitch report. These are useful tips that help you reach out and work with fashion editors.

Keep up With the Latest Media Trends

Responsibilities such as press releases, press conferences, interviews, and blogs are essential in the life of a fashion public relations professional. According to Strategic Writing: Multimedia Writing for Public Relations, Advertising and More, "As social media grow in importance in public relations, three important trends within these evolving platforms show signs of enduring: the relevance of social media influencers, the use of algorithms and the importance of video." A public relations professional must be able to maintain a healthy and a mutually beneficial relationship with the media. This increases attention to your client's fashion brand. Stay informed about the latest trends by properly using social media features such as Instagram's explore tab, Twitter's stream, Google Alert notifications, LinkedIn groups, social media blogs, podcasts, and more.

Stay Ethical

Being honest and careful are very important features for public relations professionals in general. Public relations demands responsibility. For the sake of both your client and yourself, you must notice, act on, and alleviate anything flawed or scandalous being said by the media.

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