Personal Code of Ethics

This Code is used as a guide to achieving my ethical responsibilities. This document is intended to foresee and lodge any ethical issues that may occur.


I am committed to ethical behavior and performance. The level of trust I obtain correlates with my responsibility to perform ethically. This Code stresses the value of my reputation. I will set an example of portraying standards of competence, professionalism, ethical conduct, and performance.


Ethical performance and behavior represent my most important responsibility. I understand and apply this Code in my daily and professional life.


Loyalty — I continue to be loyal to individuals in my professional and daily life. I do my best to endorse a true image while keeping in mind the value of public interest.


Obligation — Personally, my chief obligation is to provide assistance and care for family, classmates, and the public. 


Honesty — Truth and honesty are highly valuable. I refrain from portraying information that is misleading, untruthful or fabricated to all individuals.


Advocacy — I try to serve everyone around me by being a reliable and responsible advocate. I provide thoughts, facts, and standpoints that serve the public's interest. I portray an optimistic and pleasant behavior.


Accountability — I take responsibility for all my purposes and actions. I will be held responsible for any and all the information I put forth.

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