Your Ultimate Guide to Nailing That Fashion PR Interview

Photo: Angel Origgi from Unsplash The internship season is officially here. Work on that resume and cover letter like you never have before, but keep in mind that documents will not land you a job, they will just place your employer under the influence. Oh my God, these people want more than my resume and cover letter? But I spent a million years working on them. Yeah, me too. But studies show that the average time an employer spends looking at your resume is 6 seconds. So, w

Social Media Management Hacks Brought to you by the Food Media

Photo: Igor Miske from Unsplash You're probably wondering why I'm writing about the food media, the food industry is not my area of expertise, but it's food, everyone's area of expertise. On Thursday, March 29, 2018, Rochelle Bilow (@RochelleBilow), a yoga teacher and #foodwriter, spoke about social media management at S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, Syracuse, New York. Some of you may think of #socialmediamanagement as literally managing social media accounts.

How to Keep Up With the Fashion PR Industry

Photo: Freestocks from Unsplash Take a good look at the image above, because that's exactly what it feels like to keep up with the #fashionPR industry. Impossible. Whether you are a #PR student, practitioner, or a human that's interested in public relations, you're probably busy and don't have time to pay attention to small details. At the same time, however, your career life is going to fall apart if you do not keep up with minor changes (maybe even predict them!) The #fashi

A Guide for Fashion PR Interns: What You Need to Know

Photo: Raw Pixel from Unsplash Alright, Interns. Believe it or not, spring is almost gone, summer is approaching, and so are #internship deadlines. In non-fashion terms, this means a new season, new classes (possibly), a new life, and maybe a new internship too. In fashion terms, this means new clothes. If you are planning on doing an internship, you have to accept the fact that a great pair of heels or your #oneofakind tie, and who you know will get you noticed much faster t

How to Promote Your Fashion PR Agency in 7 Steps

Photo: Raw Pixel on Pixabay Living an agency life is like swimming in a fast and ever-changing pool of opportunity, creativity, and passion. PR professionals create and develop unconventional ideas to see them come to fruition on a daily basis. One minute #fashionPR professionals find themselves brainstorming ideas for their clients and the next they’ll be pitching ideas to Vogue and Elle about their client’s new collection. The industry is filled with professionals, but are

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